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[Post-Captain of 1817.]

Was made commander, April 9, 1808; and appointed to the Castilian brig, of 18 guns, Oct. 22, 1810. On the 21st Sept. 1811, his first lieutenant was killed, and one man severely wounded, in action with the Boulogne flotilla[1]. On the 4th May, 1812, he assisted at the recapture of H.M. sloop Apelles, as will be seen by reference to p. 114 of Suppl. Part III. In the night of Sept. 1st, 1814, he rescued the officers and crew of the Avon brig, Captain the Hon. James Arbuthnot, which vessel had been reduced to a sinking state by the Wasp, American sloop of war. His post commission bears date Jan. 1, 1817.

Agents.– Messrs. Stilwell.