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Royal Naval Biography/Carter, Thomas Wren

[Captain of 1831.]

Nephew to the late Sir John Carter, Knt. of Portsmouth. He obtained his first commission in April 1806; and we soon afterwards find him serving as senior lieutenant of the Halifax sloop, Captain Lord James Townshend, on the North American station. His promotion to the rank of commander took place in July 1815, at which period he had been for a considerable time on half-pay, but was then appointed to the Rinaldo of 10 guns, and subsequently to the Emulous 10, and Carnation of similar force, on the Jamaica station; where he also commanded the Wasp 18, in the years 1819 and 1820. His commission as captain bears date April 25th, 1831.

This officer married, Aug. 17th, 1820, Harriet Jane, eldest daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir Archibald C. Dickson, Bart.

Agents.– Sir F. M. Ommanney & Son.