Royal Naval Biography/Pasley, Thomas Sabine

[Captain of 1831.]

Only son of John Sabine, Esq. by Mary, eldest daughter of Admiral Sir Thomas Pasley, who, for his eminent services, particularly on the glorious first of June, 1794, was credited a baronet, with remainder to the heirs male of his daughters, successively.

This officer was born in 1804, and succeeded to the title upon the demise of his grandfather, Nov. 29th, 1808. He afterwards assumed, by royal permission, the surname and arms of Pasley. His first commission bears date Mar, 16th, 1824, from which period he was almost constantly employed, on the South American, West India, and Mediterranean stations, until promoted to the rank of commander, Sept. 17th, 1828. His subsequent appointments were, – to the Camelion sloop, of 10 guns, Oct. 31st, 1828; – to the Procris, a similar vessel, Nov. 30th, 1829; – to act as captain of the Rattlesnake 28, in May 1830; – and of the Blonde 46, in Nov. following. He brought home the latter ship from the Mediterranean; and, on paying her off, was advanced to his present rank, May 24th, 1831.

Sir Thomas S. Pasley married, June 10th, 1826, Jane Matilda Lilly, eldest daughter of the Rev. Montague John Wynyard, rector of Wesh Rounton, and of St. Martin’s, Muklegate, Yorkshire.