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Royal Naval Biography/Cavendish, George John

[Captain of 1830.]

Third son of Lord Waterpark, an Irish peer, by Juliana, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Cooper, of Cooper’s Hill and Mullimast Castle, co. Kildare, Esq.

This officer was made a lieutenant into the Egeria 26, Captain Robert Rowley, at Newfoundland, July 14th, 1818; removed to the Tamar 26, Captain the Hon. John Gordon, Nov. 21st in the same year; and paid off from the latter ship about the end of Dec. 1819. His next appointment was, July 29th, 1821, to the Tees 26, Captain Thomas Coe, fitting out for the East India station, from whence he returned home under the command of Captain Frederick Marryat, towards the close of 1825. During the Burmese war, he was sent up the Irrawaddy, with the boats of the Tees under his command, to co-operate with the British forces advancing upon Ava; and, as we have stated in p. 81 of the Appendix to Vol. III. Part I. he joined the flotilla just after the capture of Donoobew. His commission as commander bears date Aug. 7th, 1826; he was appointed second captain of the Winchester 52, fitting out for the flag of Vice-Admiral (now Sir E. Griffith) Colpoys, Oct. 3d, 1829; and promoted to his present rank, Nov. 25th, 1830.