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[Captain of 1830.]

Third son of the late Rev. Dr. Charles Talbot, Dean of Salisbury, by Lady Elizabeth Somerset, eldest daughter of Henry, fifth Duke of Beaufort. His father was first cousin to the late Earl Talbot.

This officer received his education at the Royal Naval College; and first went to sea, in Dec. 1817, as midshipman on board the Prometheus sloop, Captain Constantine R. Moorsom, employed on Channel service. From Aug. 1818, until Oct. 1822, he served in the Rochfort 80, successively bearing the flags of Sir Thomas F. Fremantle and Sir Graham Moore, on the Mediterranean station. At the latter date, he was ordered to act as lieutenant of the Dispatch sloop. Captain W. Clarke Jervoise; which appointment was confirmed by the Admiralty, Jan. 7th, 1823. In July following, he joined the Euryalus 42, Captain (now Sir Augustus W. J.) Clifford, C.B.; under whom he served until that ship was put out of commission, in May 1825. His next and last appointment, as lieutenant, was, Aug. 10th in the same year, to the Rainbow 28, Captain the Hon. Henry John Rous, with whom he visited every part of the East India station. He was made a commander in April 1827; appointed to the Helicon of 10 guns. May 24th, 1829; removed, in consequence of the defective state of that vessel, to the Algerine, a brig of the same force, building at Chatham, June 27th, 1829; and promoted to the command of the Warspite 76, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral (now Sir Thomas) Baker, on the South American station, Nov. 25th, 1830.