Royal Naval Biography/Corry, Armar Lowry

A Member of the London Astronomical Society.
[Post-Captain of 1821.]

Entered the navy on the 1st. Aug. 1805; and served under Sir Home Popham, in the Diadem 64, at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope and Buenos Ayres; from whence he returned home in the Sampson 64, Captain William Cuming. On that ship being paid off, in 1807, he joined the Leda frigate, Captain Robert Honyman, and continued in her until she was wrecked near the entrance of Milford Haven, Jan. 31, 1809. The Leda formed part of the fleet under Admiral (now Lord) Gambier, at the capture of the Danish navy, in 1807.

In May, 1809, we find Mr. Corry on board the Warspite 74, Captain the Hon. Henry Blackwood, with whom he completed his time as midshipman, on the North Sea, Channel, and Mediterranean stations. He was made lieutenant, April 28, 1812; and afterwards successively appointed to the Nereus frigate, Montagu 74, Impregnable 98, and Tay 20. The first two ships were commanded by Captain Peter Hey wood; the Impregnable conveyed the Emperor of Russia, the King of Prussia, &c. &c. to England, in 1814. His promotion to the rank of commander took place June 13, 1815.

Captain Corry afterwards accompanied Earl Belmore in a tour through the Levant; successively visiting Egypt, Nubia, Palestine, Asia-Minor, Constantinople, and Greece; he also travelled with his Lordship through Italy and other European states. In Oct. 1820, he was appointed to the Satellite 18, fitting for the East India station, where he was posted, by Sir Henry Blackwood, into the Topaze frigate, July 23, 1821.

Agents.– Messrs. Cooke, Halford, and Son.