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Royal Naval Biography/Jauncey, Henry Fyge

[Post-Captain of 1821.]

Was second lieutenant of the Ethalion frigate. Captain (now Vice -Admiral) James Young, at the capture of a Spanish galleon, Oct. 17, 1799 His share of prize-money, on that occasion, amounted to more than 5000l.[1] He soon afterwards suffered shipwreck on the coast of France, while serving under the command of Captain John Clarke Searle[2], from whose narrative of the loss of the Ethalion we make the following extract:–

“I wish it was in my power to describe the very great merit of all the officers and ship’s company; sure I am their exertions, their promptness in executing my orders, and the steady perseverance they shewed, were never on any other occasion exceeded: for in no similar instance was there ever less confusion.”[3]

Lieutenant Jauncey subsequently commanded the Griper and Cracker, gun-brigs. In the latter vessel, he captured a small French privateer, Nov. 20, 1810. He was advanced to the rank of commander, Feb. 1, 1812 ; appointed to the Hope, of 10 guns, June 7, 1814; re-appointed to the same sloop, Sept. 6, 1815; and posted, July 19, 1821.

Agents.– Messrs. Cooke, Halford and Son.

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