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Royal Naval Biography/Crawley, Edmund

Vice-Admiral of the Red.

This officer commanded the Savage, of 14 guns on the American station, at the close of the war with the colonies; and during the Spanish armament, the Wasp sloop, employed in the Channel. He was promoted to the rank of Post-Captain, Nov. 22, 1790; and about the latter end of the year 1795, appointed to the Lion, of 64 guns, in which ship he went to the West Indies. On his return from thence, he was stationed in the North Sea. His commission as Rear-Admiral, bears date Oct. 25, 1809. On the 4th June, 1814, he was advanced to the rank of Vice-Admiral.


ADMIRAL CRAWLEY, (p. 386.) Is, we believe, the son of a Purser, R.N.; if so, his brother commanded the ship to which his father at one time belonged.