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Vice-Admiral of the Red; and Doctor of the Civil Law.

This officer obtained post rank, Nov. 22, 1790. In 1796, he commanded the Apollo, a new frigate of 38 guns, stationed on the Irish coast, where, in company with the Doris, he captured la Legere, French corvette, of 22 guns. He was advanced to the rank of Rear-Admiral, Oct. 25, 1809. In the following year, the University of Oxford conferred upon him the degree of D.C.L.; and on the 4th June, 1814, he was made a Vice-Admiral.

His eldest son, John Shaw Manley, Esq. married July 16, 1821, a daughter of Sir William Clayton, Bart, of Harleyford, co. Bucks.

Residence.– Braziers, Oxfordshire.