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[Captain of 1828.]

Is related to the Earl of Egremont. He passed his examination in Aug. 1811; obtained a commission in Oct. 1813; and served during the remainder of the war with France, in the Rodney 74, Captain Charles Inglis. We afterwards find him proceeding to the West Indies, in the Araxes frigate, Captain George Miller Bligh; and subsequently serving as flag-lieutenant to Sir Home Popham and Sir Charles Rowley, successively commanders-in-chief on the Jamaica station, where he was promoted into the Icarus of 10 guns. May 6, 1822; and removed from that vessel to the Surinam 18, on the 19th July following. His last appointment was, Nov. 9th, 1827, to the Columbine 18, on the Halifax station, which sloop he commanded until advanced to the rank of Captain, Jan. 26th, 1828.

Agent.– John Chippendale, Esq.