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Royal Naval Biography/Studdert, John Fitz-Gerald

[Captain of 1828.]

Was made a lieutenant in Jan. 1811; appointed to the Chatham 74, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral M. H. Scott, on the North Sea station, Aug. 24th, 1812; promoted from the Raven sloop, to the rank of Commander, Aug. 12th, 1814; and appointed to the Champion sloop, fitting out for the East India station, June 1st, 1824. During the last three months of the Burmese war, he was entrusted with the charge of keeping the navigation open between Rangoon and Prome; and after its termination, he appears to have assisted in withdrawing the British army from the dominions of Ava. On the 1st of April, 1826, we find him, in conjunction with three other commissioners, taking formal possession of the ceded provinces[1]. His advancement to the rank of Captain look place Jan. 10th, 1828.

Agent.– J. Copland, Esq.

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