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Royal Naval Biography/Douglas, Richard


Son of the late Mr. John Douglas, master-attendant of Sheerness dock-yard.

This officer passed his examination in Aug. 1808; obtained his first commission on the 18th Sept. 1809; served under Captain (now Rear-Admiral) M‘Kinley, in the Bellona 74, at the close of the French war; and subsequently in the Bulwark 76, flag-ship of Sir Charles Rowley; was appointed to the coast blockade service, under Captain William M‘Culloch, Nov. 20th, 1820; promoted to his present rank, in commemoration of the opening of the new basin and dock at Sheerness, Sept 5th, 1823; and appointed an inspecting commander of the coast guard, April 6th, 1831. His first wife died at Mutley, co. Devon, in 1825. He married, 2dly, Sept. 22d, 1830, Jemima, daughter of W. Winchester, Esq. of Stoke, near Plymouth.