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Royal Naval Biography/Scott, Edward Hinton


Was made a lieutenant on the 12th June 1807; appointed to the Orlando frigate, Captain John Clavell, fitting out for the Mediterranean station, June 19th, 1811; re-appointed to the same ship, destined to China, Aug. 17th, 1815; turned over to the Malabar 74, in the East Indies, about the close of 1818; and paid off from her towards the end of 1819. In a letter written by Captain Clavell we find the following passage:– “Mr. Edward Hinton Scott was my first lieutenant for several years, and the service has not a better officer.” The manner in which he was employed will be seen by reference to Suppl. Part IV. pp. 441–443.

On the 23d Aug. 1820, Lieutenant Scott was appointed to the Cambrian 48, Captain Gawen William Hamilton, under whom he was serving, in the Mediterranean, when promoted to the rank of commander, by Sir Graham Moore, July 18th, 1823.