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Royal Naval Biography/Dundas, John Burnet

[Captain of 1828.]

Third and youngest son of the late Sir David Dundas, Bart, (one of the medical attendants of King George III.), by Isabella, daughter of William Robertson, of Richmond, co. Surrey, Esq.

This officer was made a lieutenant in April, 1815, and subsequently appointed as follows: – July 18th, 1815, to the Lacedaemonian 46, Captain Samuel Jackson, C.B., then dismantling at Portsmouth; – Sept. 18th following, to the Tagus 46, Captain J. W. Deans Dundas, fitting out for the Mediterranean station; – Dec. 28th, 1816, to the Myrmidon 20, Captain Robert Gambier, with whom he returned home from thence towards the close of 1818; – Nov. 25th, 1820, to the Niemen 28, Captain Edward R. Sibly; from which ship he was promoted to the command of the Argus 18, on the Halifax station. Mar. 20th, 1823; – Mar. 9th, 1827, to the Weazle 10, fitting out at Plymouth; – and, Jan. 2d, 1828, to the Raleigh 18, then in the Mediterranean. His promotion to the rank of captain took place July 8th, 1828; and he married, Dec, 30th in the same year, Caroline, third daughter of the Rev. John Jeffreys, Rector of Barnes, co. Surrey.

Agents.– Messrs. Maude & Co.