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Royal Naval Biography/Baynes, Robert Lambert

A Companion of the Most Honorable Military Order of the Bath.
[Captain of 1828.]

This officer passed his examination in 1816; obtained the rank of lieutenant in April, 1818; and was subsequently, appointed as follows: – Nov. 12th, 1819, to the Vigo 74, fitting out for the flag of Rear-Admiral Lambert; – Dec. 2d, 1822, to the Briton 46, Captain Sir Murray Maxwell; – Aug. 28th, 1823, to the Tartar 42, Captain Thomas Brown, then in South America; – and, Oct. 6th, 1826, to the Asia 84, equipping at Portsmouth for the flag of Sir Edward Codrington. He was promoted to the command of the Alacrity sloop, on the Mediterranean station, July 8th, 1827; re-appointed to the Asia in Sept, following; nominated, a C.B. immediately after the battle of Navarin[1]; and advanced to the rank of captain July 8th, 1828.

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