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Royal Naval Biography/Hobson, William

[Captain of 1828.]

Passed his examination in Nov. 1811; and was promoted into the Peruvian sloop, Captain George Kippen, Nov. 11th, 1813. His subsequent appointments were, – Feb. 3d, 1818, to the Spey 20, Captain the Hon. Frederick Noel, fitting out for the Mediterranean station, where he greatly distinguished himself by the capture of an English piratical vessel; – Aug. 16th, 1821, to the Tyne 26, Captain James Kearney White, then in the West Indies: – and, Jan. 30th, 1823, to the command of the Lion schooner, employed in the suppression of piracy on the coast of Cuba. He obtained the rank of commander, Mar. 18th, 1824; and we afterwards find him in the Ferret and Scylla sloops, on the Jamaica station. His commission as captain bears date July 9th, 1828.

Agents.– Messrs. Atkins & Son.