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CHARLES ELLIOT[errata 1], Esq.
[Captain of 1828.]

Was made lieutenant into the Myrmidon sloop, Captain Henry J. Leeke, on the coast of Africa, June 11th, 1822; and subsequently appointed as follows: – June 18th, 1822, to the Iphigenia 42, bearing the broad pendant of Sir Robert Mends, on the above station; – Mar. 22d, 1823, to the Hussar 46, Captain George Harris, C.B., fitting out at Chatham; – June 19th, 1825, to command the Union schooner, on the Jamaica station; – Aug. 30th following, to the Renegade schooner; – Jan. 1st, 1826, to act as commander of the Serapis, convalescent-ship, at Port Royal; – April 14th in the same year, successively to command the Magnificent, receiving ship, the Bustard of 10 guns, and the Harlequin 18; from which latter vessel he was promoted to the rank of captain Aug. 28th, 1828.

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