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Royal Naval Biography/Jones, Jenkin

[Captain of 1828.]

Was twice wounded whilst serving as master’s-mate of the Africaine frigate, commanded by Captain Robert Corbett, in Sept. 1811[1]. On the first occasion, he had the direction of her jolly-boat in an attack upon a French national schooner, lying aground at the Mauritius; and on the latter, he received his hurt whilst bearing a gallant part in an action with two frigates, one of equal and the other of superior force. On the 18th June, 1813, he was made lieutenant into the Pompée 74, Captain Sir James Athol Wood, on the Mediterranean station. His subsequent appointments were, – Jan. 6th, 1815, to the Hyperion frigate. Captain William Pryce Cumby; – Sept. 18th following, to the Jupiter 50, acting Captain Henry Meynell; – Nov. 20th in the same year, to the Newcastle 50, fitting out for the flag of Sir Pulteney Malcolm; – May 18th, 1816, to the command of the Julia sloop, which vessel was wrecked at Tristan de Cunha, Oct 1st, 1817; – Feb. 9th, 1822, to the Sappho 18, employed on the Irish station; – and, June 24th, 1828, to be second captain of the Gloucester 74, commanded by the present Rear-Admiral Henry Stuart, and stationed in the river Medway as a guard-ship. His commission as captain bears date Aug. 28th, 1828.

This officer married. May 2d, 1825, Elizabeth, only daughter of Harrison Deacon, of Portsmouth, co. Hants, Esq.

Agents.– Messrs. Maude & Co.