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Royal Naval Biography/Furneaux, John

[Captain of 1829.]

Was a midshipman on board the Royal George, first rate, bearing the flag of Sir John T. Duckworth, in the expedition against Constantinople, 1807. He obtained the rank of lieutenant June 13th, 1812; and was promoted to the command of the Cephalus sloop, July 19th, 1814. In May 1818, he received an appointment to the Carron of 20 guns, which ship he lost in the Bay of Bengal, in 1820. On the 15th Sept. 1825, he was appointed to the Hind 20, destined to be sold in India; from whence he brought home the Andromeda, a new 46-gun frigate, Oct. 16th, 1829. His advancement to the rank of captain took place on the 16th Mar. preceding his arrival in England; and on paying off the latter ship, in Nov. following, his crew presented him with a sword and pair of epaulettes.

Agents.– Messrs. Cooke, Halford, & Son.