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[Captain of 1829.]

Was made a lieutenant into the Newcastle 60, bearing the flag of Sir Pulteney Malcolm, K.C.B., at St. Helena, Aug. 5th, 1816; and appointed to command the Hyaena store-ship, on the Cape station, in Oct. 1817. Between these dates he had had charge of the island of Ascension. His subsequent appointments were, – Mar. 20th, 1823, to the Genoa 74, Captain Sir Thomas Livingston Bart.; – Nov. 5th, 1824, to the Harlequin sloop, Commander James Scott, then on the Irish station, but from whence she was ordered to Jamaica; – Aug. 16th, 1826, to the Scylla 18, acting Commander William Hobson; – and, Feb. 8th, 1828, to act as commander of the Barham 50, flag-ship of Vice-Admiral the Hon. C. E. Fleeming. He obtained the rank of commander Mar. 29th, 1828; and his commission as captain bears date Mar. 30th, 1829.

Agents.– Messrs. Maude & Co.