Royal Naval Biography/Hackett, John


Passed his examination in July 1808; obtained his first commission on the 11th May, 1811; and subsequently served under Captains Thomas Barclay and Richard Walter Wales, in the Success troop-ship and Epervier sloop. On the 23d Feb. 1814, he assisted in capturing, off Cape Sable, the American privateer Alfred, of 16 guns and 110 men. On the 29th April following, he had his left arm shattered by a shot, and received a severe splinter wound, in an action with the United States’ ship Peacock, the unfortunate result of which has been stated in Suppl. Part IV. pp. 127–129. On the 23d Oct. 1815, he was granted a pension of 182l. 10s. per annum; and on the 2d Sept. 1828, we find him advanced to the rank of commander. He was appointed to the Jaseur sloop, fitting out for the Mediterranean station, Nov. 4th, 1833.