Royal Naval Biography/Murray, James Hamilton


Passed his examination, at Portsmouth, in May 1812; obtained his first commission on the 12th Dec. following; and was appointed to the Menelaus frigate. Captain Sir Peter Parker, Jan. 23d, 1813. He assisted in re-capturing a richly laden Spanish ship, mounting 20 guns, and having on board 600,000 dollars in specie, near l’Orient, Feb. 14th, 1814; and was left in command of the Menelaus when his gallant captain and the two senior lieutenants landed to attack an American encampment at Bellair, in the month of Aug. following[1]. He was advanced to his present rank on the 2d Sept. 1828.

This officer married, in 1834, Frances, youngest daughter of the Hon. Mrs. Pelham, of North Place, Cheltenham.