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Royal Naval Biography/Hore, Samuel Bradstreet


Third son of the late William Hore, of Harperstown, co. Wexford, Esq. by the only daughter of Sir Simon Bradstreet, Bart. whose wife was a sister to the Right Hon. Sir Henry Cavendish, Bart.

This officer obtained his first commission in Oct, 1807; served as lieutenant of the Caesar 80, Captain Charles Richardson, at the capture of Flushing, in Aug. 1809[1]; and was promoted to the command of the Fairy sloop, on the Cape station, May 13th, 1813. He married, Sept. 8th, 1821, Jane Caroline, youngest daughter of the late Richard Solly, of York Place, Portman Square, London, and grand-daughter of Sir Frederick Flood, Bart. His eldest brother, Walter Hore, Esq. enjoys the estate of Harperstown (granted to their ancestor in or about the year 1160), and is married to a daughter of the late Lord Ruthven. His second brother, William, a major in the 67th regiment, died in 1830. Those junior to himself are, Henry Cavendish, a lieutenant in the royal navy; James Stopford, a commander, promoted to that rank in 1828; and Thomas, a first lieutenant in the corps of royal engineers[errata 1][2]. His only sister is married to a clergyman of the established church.

  1. See Vol. II. Part II. p. 906, et seq.
  2. The grandfather of those gentlemen married Lady Anne Stopford, daughter of the first Earl of Courtown.

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