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Royal Naval Biography/Incledon, Robert


Obtained his first commission on the 28th Sept. 1807; and was thus spoken of by Captain (now Sir Edward) Tucker, in two official letters, addressed to the Commander-in-chief on the East India station, and reporting the capture of the islands of Amboyna, Ternate, &c.

February 20th, 1810.

“I beg to recommend to your excellency’s notice Lieutenant Incledon, first of the Dover, from whom I have received the greatest support throughout the whole of this service, particularly so on the day of action, when the other lieutenants were absent from the ship.”

August 32st, 1810.

“With the conduct of every officer and man on board the Dover, during our attack on the batteries and Fort Orange, I am most perfectly satisfied: to Lieutenant Incledon much praise is due.”

The above, and a series of other important services in which Mr. Incledon was engaged, whilst serving under Captain Tucker, are detailed in Suppl. Part I. pp. 197–203. He obtained the rank of commander on the 4th May, 1813; and died at Gosport, co. Hants, in Nov. 1831.