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Royal Naval Biography/Jackson, Robert Milborne


Was made a lieutenant on the 26th Nov. 1808; and served for some time as second of the Bustard sloop. Captain John Duff Markland, under whom he assisted at the capture and destruction of many vessels, on the Mediterranean station[1]. In Oct. 1813, he was appointed first of the Hebrus 36, Captain Edmund Palmer; and on the 27th Mar. following, we find him assisting at the capture of l’Etoile French frigate, after ah obstinate contest, in which the enemy had 110, and the British 38, officers and men killed and wounded[2]. On the 31st of the same month, he was promoted to the rank of commander; and on the 15th Oct. 1829, appointed to the Hyacinth 18, in which sloop he served on the West India station until Mar. 14th, 1831.

This officer married, Oct. 14th 1814, Elizabeth youngest daughter of Mr. John Hodges, of Mill House, Tooting, Surrey.