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Royal Naval Biography/Keith, George Mouat


Obtained the rank of lieutenant on the 12th Aug. 1801; and commanded the Protector gun-brig, at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope, in Jan. 1806. His next appointment was. Mar. 19th, 1808, to the Redbreast, a similar vessel, on the North Sea station. In 1813, and the beginning of 1814, we find him very actively employed under the orders of Captains John M‘Kerlie and Arthur Farquhar; particularly at the sieges of Cuxhaven and Gluckstadt[1]. His commission as commander bears date Mar. 16th, 1814; on which day he was re-appointed to the Redbreast, then rated a sloop of war.

This officer’s eldest son died at Sierra Leone, of the African fever: his eldest daughter is married to John Frederick Ellerton, Esq. of the Hon.E.I. Company’s civil service.

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