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Royal Naval Biography/Julian, John


Was born at Plymouth in Nov. 1778; and entered into the royal navy, as midshipman on board the Druid frigate, Captain Joseph Ellison, in Nov. 1793. He also served under the same officer in the Standard 64, from which ship he was removed to the Captain, a third rate, successively commanded by Captains John Aylmer and Sir Richard J. Strachan. His first commission bears date Dec. 27th, 1799.

On the 9th Nov. 1800, Mr. Julian, then lieutenant of the Havock sloop. Captain Philip Bartholomew, suffered shipwreck in St. Aubyn’s bay, Jersey; and with difficulty escaped to the shore, after remaining for nearly twelve hours in an almost perishing condition. In the early part of the late war we find him serving under Captains John Child Purvis and Edward Codrington, in the Royal George, first rate, and Orion 74; the latter ship forming part of Nelson’s fleet at the glorious battle of Trafalgar. After that memorable event, he was five years first lieutenant of the St. Albans 64, Captain Francis William Austen; and Boyne 98, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral Sir Harry Neale. In 1812, he commanded the Teaser gun-brig, and succeeded in effecting his escape from the French frigate Arethusa, after a chase of two nights and three days, frequently within musket shot. His last naval appointment was, June 2d, 1813, to the Racer schooner, in which vessel he continued until promoted to the rank of commander, June 15th, 1814. He died at Kingsbridge, co. Devon, whilst employed in the coast-guard service, in 1828; leaving eight children, the eldest only sixteen years of age.