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Obtained his first commission in Oct. 1814; and was wounded while serving as ninth lieutenant of Lord Exmouth’s flag-ship, the Queen Charlotte, at the memorable battle of Algiers. We next find him in the Royal George yacht, Captain the Hon. Sir Charles Paget, under whom he had the honor of accompanying his late Majesty to Ireland. He was promoted to his present rank on the 14th Dec. 1821. His last appointment was, Feb. 2d, 1823, to be an inspecting commander in the coast guard service. In 1832, the officers and men of the Carrickfergus district, late under his superintendence, presented him with a handsome snuff-box, “as a testimony of their respect and esteem.”

Commander G. M. King married, June 27th, 1825, Anne Sarah, relict of Francis Hoey, Esq., of Dungan’s Town, co. Wicklow; and sister to Matthew Forde, Esq., M.P. for County Down.