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Royal Naval Biography/Marsh, Digby


We first find serving as midshipman under the late Captain Sir George Ralph Collier, and employed in a boat belonging to the Surveillante frigate, at the capture of a French merchant brig, between the batteries of St. Guildas and St. Jacques, in Quiberon Bay, Sept. 5th, 1810. During the ensuing three years he was engaged in a variety of active and important services on the north coast of Spain, the detail of which will be found in Vol. II. Part II. pp. 521–532. He passed his examination for lieutenant in Mar. 1812; and for his services, particularly at the siege of St. Sebastian, where he appears to have been employed on shore in the breaching batteries, was rewarded with a commission dated Dec. 24th, 1813. He subsequently served on board the Tartar frigate, bearing the broad pendant of Sir George R. Collier, on the African station. He obtained his present rank in Jan. 1822; and was appointed an inspecting commander of the coast guard service, June 6th, 1833.