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[Post-Captain of 1809.]

Seventh son of the late Earl of Kingston, and brother to the present peer.

This officer received his first commission March 3, 1804; obtained the rank of Commander Aug. 15, 1806; and was made post, whilst serving on the Leeward Islands station, Jan. 18, 1809.

After acting for a short time in the Jewel of 48 guns[1], Captain King was appointed, June 2, 1809, to the Jason 32, which ship had the honor of bearing the flag of the Duke of Clarence, when H.R.H. escorted Louis XVIII. to the French shore, in April, 1811. She subsequently conveyed the Emperor Alexander, the King of Prussia, and the Duchess of Oldenburgh, to Calais, on their return from England.

Captain King married, Nov. 28, 1815, Caroline, second daughter of the Archbishop of Dublin.

Agent.– Messrs. Stilwell.

  1. Formerly the French frigate Topaze – see p. 364.