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Royal Naval Biography/Prevost, James

[Post-Captain of 1809.]

Second son of the late Major-General A. Prevost, by Anne, daughter of the Chevalier George Grand, of Amsterdam, Knight of the Swedish Order of Gustavus Vasa; and brother to Lieutenant-General Sir George Prevost, Bart., G.C.B., who died Jan. 5, 1816.

This officer received a Lieutenant’s commission in 1793, and was presented with the Turkish gold medal for his gallant conduct during the Egyptian campaign[1]. His promotion to the rank of Commander took place towards the close of 1801.

At the renewal of the war in 1803, Captain Prevost was appointed to the command of the sea-fencibles of Whitstable; and we subsequently find him in the Explosion bomb, from which vessel he removed to the Saracen of 18 guns, about Feb. 1805. In that sloop he brought home the naval and military despatches announcing the disastrous result of the attack upon Buenos Ayres, July 5, 1807. His conduct while employed in the Rio de la Plata, was highly approved of by Rear-Admiral Murray ,who recommended him to the protection of the Admiralty, “as an active and very zealous officer.”

Captain Prevost obtained post rank Mar. 13, 1809; and commanded the Ceres 32, flag-ship of Rear-Admiral Surridge, at Chatham, from Dec. 1812 until June 1811; about which period he married the only daughter of Lewis Theisser, of Woodcote Park, Surrey, Esq. His first wife died, at Weybridge, in the same countv, Feb. 1, 1813.

Agent.– Messrs. Maude.