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Royal Naval Biography/Lyons, John

[Captain of 1830.]

Brother to Captain Edmund Lyons, Knight of St. Louis, whose gallant services we have recorded in Suppl. Part III.

This officer was made a lieutenant in Dec. 1805; and commanded a detachment of seamen landed from the Montagu 74, to assist at the reduction of St. Maura, in Mar. and April 1810. He subsequently followed his captain (the present Rear-Admiral Moubray, C.B.) into the Repulse 74, also on the Mediterranean station. At the close of the war with Prance, in 1814, he was serving on board the Ville de Paris 110, bearing the flag of Sir Harry Neale; and since the peace he has commanded the Jaseur sloop, on the Cape of Good Hope station. His commission as commander bears date June 27th, 1814; and as captain, July 22d, 1830.