Royal Naval Biography/Pridham, Richard

[Captain of 1830.]

Is a burgess and common councilman of Plymouth. He obtained the rank of lieutenant Jan. 2d, 1798; served such on board the Centaur 74, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral J. R. Dacres, in Hamoaze, during the peace of Amiens; and was first of the Hussar 36, Captain Philip Wilkinson, when that frigate was wrecked near Brest, and the majority of her officers and crew made prisoners, in Feb. 1804.

Ten years elapsed before Mr. Pridham regained his liberty. He was made a commander on the 15th June, 1814; appointed to the Prince Frederick, receiving-ship, Nov. 4th following; to assist in superintending the Ordinary at Plymouth, in 1810; to be an inspecting commander in the preventive-water-guard service, in 1819; to command the Zebra sloop, fitting out for the East India station, Jan. 25th, 1829; and promoted to the rank of captain, July 22d, 1830. He married, in Mar. 1801, a Miss Glanville, of Plymouth.

Agents.– Messrs. Cooke, Halford, & Son.