Royal Naval Biography/Marsham, Henry Shovell

[Captain of 1833.]

Entered the royal navy in 1807; obtained his first commission on the 30th June, 1813; and, subsequently to the peace, served for several years in the Rochfort 80., successively bearing the flags of Sir Thomas F. Fremantle and Sir Graham Moore, on the Mediterranean station. His next appointment was, July 6th, 1824, to the Cambrian 46, Captain Gawen W. Hamilton, in which ship he continued until advanced to the rank of commander, April 21st, 1825.

On the 25th Feb. 1831, this officer was appointed to the St. Vincent 120, Captain (now Sir Humphrey F.) Senhouse, under whom we find him serving for a period of nearly three years, on the Lisbon station and in the Mediterranean. His promotion to the rank of captain took place on the 24th Dec. 1833, at which period he was acting in the Malabar 74. Previous to his quitting the St. Vincent, the junior officers of that ship entertained him in very handsome style; the gun-room was fitted up in an elegant manner, sixty sat down to dinner, and a ball followed – altogether one of the best things of the kind ever witnessed. He arrived at Plymouth, and paid off the Malabar, in July 1834.