Royal Naval Biography/Russell, Edward

[Captain of 1833.]

Second son of John, sixth Duke of Bedford, by his second wife, Lady Georgiana, youngest daughter of Alexander, fourth Duke of Gordon.

This officer entered the royal navy in 1819, at the age of fourteen years; was made lieutenant into the Philomel sloop, Oct. 18th, 1826; and promoted to the rank of commander, Nov. 15th, 1828. His subsequent appointments were, – Nov. 22d, 1830, to the Britomart 10; – Jan. 10th, 1831, to the Savage 10; – and, April 9th, 1832, to the Nimrod 20, the command of which vessel he resigned, from ill health, whilst employed on the Lisbon station, in Aug, 1833. His Lordship was made a captain on the 19th Nov. following; and appointed to the command of the Actaeon 26, fitting out at Portsmouth, Nov. 17th, 1834.