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Royal Naval Biography/Mildmay, George William St John

[Captain of 1828.]

Third son of the late Sir Henry Paulet St. John Mildmay, Bart. by Jane, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Carew Mildmay, of Shawford House, co. Hants, Esq., and heiress of Carew Hervey Mildmay, of Hazel Grove, Somersetshire, and Marks, in Essex, Esq., in pursuance of whose testamentary injunction the St. John family assumed the additional surname of Mildmay.

This officer was made a lieutenant on tbe 19th of May, 1812; and subsequently appointed as follows: – Dec. 17th, 1813, to the Leander 60, Captain Sir George Collier, in which ship he continued during the remainder of the war with America; – Sept. 18th, 1815, to the Euphrates 42, Captain Robert Preston, fitting out for the Mediterranean station; – Nov. 24th, 1818, to the Wasp sloop, Captain Thomas Wren Carter, with whom he proceeded to Jamaica; – and, July 2d, 1821, to the Iphigenia 42, equipping for the broad pendant of Sir Robert Mends, commodore of the African squadron. He obtained the rank of commander in Aug. 1822; commissioned the Cordelia sloop, at Chatham, in Nov. 1826; and continued to command that vessel until made a captain, Aug. 16th, 1828.

Agents.– Messrs. Maude and Co.