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Royal Naval Biography/Montresor, Henry

A Companion of the Most Honorable Military Order of the Bath.
[Post-Captain of 1815.]

We first find this officer serving as senior lieutenant of the Revenge 74, Captain Alexander Robert Kerr, at the attack of a French squadron in Aix roads, April 11 and 12, 1809[1]. A commander’s commission, bearing the former date, was conferred upon him, as a reward for his gallantry in conducting a fire-vessel on that memorable occasion.

In Aug. 1811, Captain Montresor was appointed to the Helena sloop; and in the following year he accompanied a fleet of merchantmen from Cork to the Leeward Islands, where, in conjunction with Captain Thomas Fellowes, of the Fawn, he received the thanks of their commanders “for his very great attention to them during the voyage.”

Captain Montresor’s next appointments were, in 1814, to the Rover of 16 guns, and Manly 12, from which latter vessel he was removed, by Sir Alexander Cochrane, to the temporary command of a flotilla which he had bravely assisted in capturing, near St. Joseph’s island, Lac Borgne, during the expedition against New Orleans[2]. He was nominated a C.B. June 4, 1815; promoted to post rank on the 13th of the same month; and appointed to the Charwell 20, stationed on Lake Ontario, June 26, 1816. He is now, we believe, an inspector of the naval force in Canada, under Commissioner Barrie, C.B.

Agent.– Sir Francis M. Ommanney.