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Royal Naval Biography/Pakenham, John

[Post-Captain of 1826.]

Son-in-law of the late Rear-Admiral Sir Home Riggs Popham, K.C.B., &c.

This officer was made a lieutenant, July 16th, 1811; appointed to the Magicienne frigate, Captain the Hon. William Gordon, Aug. 20th, 1812; advanced to the rank of commander, June 15th, 1814 ; appointed to the Bermuda sloop, fitting out for the Jamaica station, Sept. 4th, 1815; and to the Harrier sloop, employed on the coast of Ireland, Aug. 16th, 1825. His commission as captain bears date, Aug. 26th, 1826.

Agents.– Messrs. Cooke, Halford, and Son.