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Royal Naval Biography/Seymour, Michael (b)

[Post-Captain of 1826.]

Third son of Sir Michael Seymour, Bart., K.C.B., Commissioner of Portsmouth dock-yard, by Jane, daughter of the late Captain James Hawker, R.N.

This officer was born on the 3d of Dec. 1802; made lieutenant, Sept. 12th, 1822; appointed to the Sybille frigate, Captain (now Sir John Brooke-) Pechell, July lst, 1823; promoted to the rank of commander, Dec. 6th, 1824; appointed to the Camelion sloop at Plymouth, Aug. 8th, 1825; to the Menai 26, fitting out for the South American station, Jan. 7th, 1827; and to the Volage 28, employed in the Pacific Ocean, Sep. 12th, 1827. His commission as captain appears date Aug. 5th, 1826; and he appears to have paid off the Volage, at Portsmouth, early in 1829.

Captain Seymour married, June 22d, 1829, his first cousin, Dorothea, daughter of Sir William Knighton, Bart. G.C.H., Receiver-General of the Duchy of Cornwall, and Keeper of his late Majesty’s Privy-Purse.