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Royal Naval Biography/Spencer-Churchill, Henry John


[Post-Captain of 1826.]

Youngest son of the present Duke of Marlborough, by Lady Susan, daughter of John, seventh Earl of Galloway.

This officer was born Sept. 22d, 1797; and we first find him serving as midshipman, on board the Glasgow frigate. Captain the Hon. Henry Duncan, C.B., in 1815. He was made a lieutenant into the Amphion 38, bearing the broad pendant of Commodore William Bowles, on the South American station, July 14th, 1818; appointed to the Martin sloop, Captain Christopher C. Askew, May 22d, 1821; promoted to the command of the Hind 20, on the Mediterranean station, April 25th, 1823; advanced to the rank of captain, Aug. 4th, 1826; and appointed to the Tweed 28, fitting out for the Cape of Good Hope station. May 18th, 1827.

In October following, Lord Henry touched at St Iago; and many days had not elapsed after his departure from that island before five of his midshipmen, their schoolmaster, and a servant, fell victims to brain fever, supposed to have been produced by sleeping on shore; among these unfortunate young gentlemen was a son of Captain George Aldham R.N. The Tweed returned home Jan. 21st, 1831, and was paid off, at Portsmouth, on the 9th of the ensuing month. His lordship married a daughter of John Bennet, Esq., M.P. for Wiltshire.

Agents.– Messrs. Barnett and King.