Six Old English Chronicles/Geoffrey's British History

53458Six Old English Chronicles — British History1848Geoffrey of Monmouth



Chapters (not listed in original)
  • Book 1: the wanderings of Brutus
  • Book 2: Guendoloena, Bladud, King Leir and his daughters, Dunwallo Molmutius
  • Book 3: Belinus and Brennius, Elidure, Heli, Lud
  • Book 4: Cassibellaun and the invasions of Caesar; Kymbelinus; Arviragus and the invasion of Claudius; King Lucius becomes a Christian
  • Book 5: Roman Britain from Severus to Maximian
  • Book 6: the Romans leave; Vortigern; the Saxons arrive, led by Hengist and Horsa; and introducing Merlin
  • Book 7: the Prophesies of Merlin
  • Book 8: Aurelius Ambrosius, Merlin builds Stonehenge, Uther Pendragon, the birth of Arthur
  • Book 9: the victories and ceremony of Arthur's reign; the Romans demand tribute
  • Book 10: Arthur's war against the emperor Lucius Tiberius in Gaul
  • Book 11: Arthur's last battle, against Modred; the Saxons return; civil war; Augustine comes to convert the Saxons
  • Book 12: decline of the Britons under Cadwan, Cadwalla and Cadwallader