Spirella Catalogue (1933)/141



The illustrations and information on the following pages are to be used when studying the client's figure and ascertaining her needs in accordance with Steps 1 to 4 in Selection as taught in Spirella Principles, Part Two.

In order to use them intelligently and to strengthen and develop your own ability to give professional service, the illustrations, information and suggestions should be considered always in connection with what you have already learned about the Spirella System of Designing (Principles, Part One, Chapter 7), the Principles of Support and Control (Principles, Part Two, Chapter 1) and The Spirella Range of Figure Training Garments (Principles, Part Two, Chapter 2).

The illustrations and the information with them are not to be regarded as absolute rules, but as a good general guide in your selection.

Do not expect to find a client who is absolutely an exact duplicate of any illustration because no two figures are exactly alike in every detail.

Remember also that you may find more than one variation or imperfection on the same figure; as for example, Scant Bust with Pendulous Abdomen, Pronounced Gorilla Poise with Excessive Thigh Flesh, etc.

  1. If the figure is normal or has only slight variations or imperfections, your selection will be mainly influenced by the kind of garment the client likes.
  2. If the figure has more pronounced variations or imperfections which call for more definitely corrective treatment, the kind of garments which may be used are listed with the illustrations in the order of their value as to service.
  3. If the figure has more than one variation or imperfection your selection will be influenced mainly by which of the conditions most seriously affects the client's health or appearance.
  4. In all cases you will be guided in your final selection by studying the Adaptability as given in the Catalogue for those series of designs that could apply.