Spirella Catalogue (1933)/142



1. The client's age, vocation or activities.

The client may be so advanced in years or confirmed in her habits; or her work may be such that you can only hope to give her a comfortable garment with as pleasing lines as possible.
A young girl who has been wearing little or nothing in the way of a figure training garment, even though she needs one badly, may have to be gradually brought up to the idea by first wearing a girdle and bandeau or a brassiere-girdle.

2. The client's personal prejudices, based on previous experience.

In some cases, even though you feel that the client really needs a corset, her mind may have been prejudiced against corsets in general, because of unfortunate previous experiences with ordinary corsets and she may want to insist on having a girdle or brassiere-girdle because of that. Even though the kind of garment she desires to have is not exactly what you would select, you will naturally accede to her wishes if you are quite satisfied that by so doing you can still give her better service than she could get elsewhere.
If, however, her choice would not give a reasonable measure of Spirella Service it is best to tell her frankly that you would rather not accept the order than to give her a garment which could not possibly give her service. Some clients will consent to a corset with accompanying brassiere when correction is needed, if a brassiere-girdle is suggested for dress wear.


Such physical conditions as ptosis, sacro-iliac strain, or weakness following operations cannot of course always be ascertained by a study of the figure. Some clients will discuss these troubles with you quite freely; others will be sensitive about them. When you learn of such conditions, you will give them special consideration in your selection, being guided by the Adaptability in the Catalogue.

These illustrations are intended only for the use of Corsetieres. Do not on any account show them to clients or discuss them with clients.