Spirella Catalogue (1933)/156



Medium Figure—60–type

Excessive Thigh Flesh

Flesh developed on the thighs or upper legs out of proportion to the rest of the body. It may appear on the side or front of the legs or both.
This figure requires a garment that will give harmony of line, with sufficient room in the skirt for comfort in walking and sitting.
See page 140 for information on how to determine when it is necessary to increase the flare of the skirt by specializing.

Garments for Use:—

The 361 Series, Back-laced Corset, designed specifically for this figure, with a Brassiere, will accomplish most in the way of correction.
If the thigh flesh is less pronounced than illustrated, any 60-type garment which comes well down over the thigh flesh—
Corset and Brassiere or Bandeau
Girdle and Brassiere or Bandeau