Spirella Catalogue (1933)/27



1. Order Spirella Brassiere-Girdles by bust size, waist size, hip size and centre front below measurement, giving client's actual measurements taken over the Fitting Garment. In ordering the 1321, 1263 and 1461 Series give client's under bust measurement.

2. Smaller or larger waist sizes and hip sizes than listed in the Catalogue may be ordered, when the design permits, by specializing.

Note: Before specializing either the waist size or hip size make very sure that you have brought out the best possible lines of your client's figure by the careful adjustment of the Fitting Garment and that it is necessary to make the change.

3. When ordering any of the Basic Features indicate on the Order Form the feature desired Back Lacing, Lace Cup Bust, Reinforcement, etc., as the case may be.

4. In ordering Interchangeable Top order the garment by the style number of the lower or girdle part of the garment and give the style number of the top desired as a Basic Feature; for example, "Top Style 1165."

5. The Plain Top Feature will be made of the soft bust section material regularly used in the Basic Design, unless otherwise specified. If this feature is desired in another material indicate it plainly on the Order Form.

6. When ordering changes from Catalogue measurements and construction indicate the changes required in the spaces provided on the Order Form. A list of changes which may be made in brassiere-girdles is given in the Price List.


The 1321, 1263 and 1461 Series

7. The comparatively long length in these garments from waist to top at over bust with the shorter measurement at centre front is necessary to preserve the function of the design. In deciding on the correct waist to top (over bust) measurement for your client's needs take into consideration the relative heights of the garment at centre front and under arm. The long waist to top measurement can be worn in these designs because of the shaped line around the top.

8. The under bust measurement can not be specialized.

Inner Belt

9. In designs carrying an inner belt the measurements of the belt for each style have been worked out in harmony with the measurements of the outer part of the garment. The inner belt is longer than the centre front below measurement in the garment proper, and extends above the waist and slightly below the top of the pelvic arch on the figure.

10. A change in the centre front below measurement always includes the same change in the length of the inner belt, when inner belt is used. The inner belt will not be lengthened or shortened below the waist except when a corresponding change is called for in the centre front below meas urement of the garment proper. To meet an exceptional need the centre front of the inner belt may be raised slightly at the top (see Price List).


11. In order to give the client the full benefit of the design a Spirella Brassiere-Girdle must be adjusted and worn the Spirella Way.

"How to Put On Your Spirella Brassiere-Girdle"

12. An illustrated leaflet is sent out with every Spirella Brassiere-Girdle. It gives complete instructions on how to adjust a brassiere-girdle and illustrates the correct adjustment of the inner belt and the correct position of the garment on the body.

13. Use this leaflet as your guide in teaching your client how to wear her garment. Emphasize her responsibility in adjusting it correctly each day:

Lacing Features

14. Bear in mind that a garment carrying the Back Lacing Feature is sent out with the lacing spaced 1½ inches from top to bottom. This spacing makes the measurements exactly the same as though the garment were made without the lacing.

15. Do not loosen the back lacing until the regular adjustment has been completed. Then adjust the lacing as necessary to make any refinements which will improve the service to your client.

16. A garment carrying the partial back lacing is sent out with the lacing unfinished to enable you to form a pull-loop over the heaviest part of the back below waist.

17. The soft lacings in the back of a brassiere-girdle are NOT to be used in the daily putting on of the garment.

18. This does not apply to the lacing in the inner belt, which must be adjusted carefully each time the garment is put on.