Spirella Catalogue (1933)/31



Style 4127—Girdle

ADAPTABILITY—This series is designed for normal figures of the 20-type, requiring no pronounced correction for figure irregularities or physical ailments.

The design comfortably conforms to the figure over the hip bones, snugs the abdomen and gives a smooth, attractive back line. The elastic in the back and the shaping of the front sections permit the utmost freedom and ease of movement.


Waist Sizes—22 to 30.

Hip Sizes-May be ordered 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 inches larger than waist, without extra charge.

Style 4126


F 0

CB 0

UA 0

B 0

F 6 or 6½ (TF 8½)

H 10

B 10

Style 4127


F 0

CB 0

UA 0

B 0

F 6½ or 7 (TF 9)

H 10½

B 12

Style 4128


F 0

CB 0

UA 0

B 0

F 7 or 7½ (TF 11)

H 12½

B 14

HOW TO ORDER—The style in the series to order is determined by the client's centre front below measurement; but when there is more than one style in the series with the correct centre front below measurement, choose the one which has also the back below measurement nearest to the client's needs.

NOTE—This series cannot be extended above the waist or made longer or shorter below the waist on account of its design and construction.

No girdle is complete without a brassiere.

For complete information on How to Order, see page 47.


For materials and prices, see Price List.