Statesman's Year-Book 1899/Preface


The first duty of myself and my colleague, Mr. Renwick, is to return our warmest thanks to those numerous friends in all parts of the world who have co-operated with us again this year in the preparation of the new edition of the Year-Book; without such co-operation it would be impossible to produce the work.

In the new edition there have necessarily been considerable alterations as the result of the events of the past year — the American war with Spain, the operations in the Sudan, the action of the European Powers in China. It will be found that the various changes necessitated by these transactions have been duly recorded. In other respects various modifications have been made, and the statistical and other information brought up to date throughout the whole work. The maps this year include a map of Africa, showing the railways, river routes, and telegraphs in Africa, existing and projected; a map of Newfoundland illustrating the French shore question; and a map showing the addition on the Chinese mainland to the colony of Hong Kong. There are preliminary tables showing the Revenue, Expenditure, Debt, and Debt-charge of the principal countries of the World, with the commerce of these countries, in absolute figures and per head of population; as also a table showing the gold and silver production of the World. The Index has been thoroughly revised and extended by Mr. Renwick. The Navies have been again revised by Mr. John Leyland. Such are a few of the new features of the 1899 edition.

J. S. K.
Office of 'The Statesman's Year-Book,'

St. Martin's Street,

London, W.C.

March 8, 1899.