Statesman's Year-Book 1921/Preface


Recent census returns for the United States, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Panama, and Switzerland are included in this, the fifty-eighth, issue of the Year Book. All the sections have received the usual revision; the information respecting Russia has been furnished from official Soviet sources. Since last year Montenegro has disappeared as an independent entity, while, on the other hand, Fiume is now one of the States of the world. Of these there are at present 64, counting the British Empire as one. Since the last edition of the Year Book was published, Esthonia, Georgia and Latvia have received complete recognition, and have therefore been placed in their proper alphabetical order in the Year Book. Other States without de jure recognition (e.g. Lithuania), or where Treaty arrangements have not yet been completed (e.g. Mesopotamia and Palestine), it has been thought best to retain for the present under the countries of which were formerly part.

The "Additions and Corrections" contain information which became available too late for inclusion in the text. The Introductory Tables give the usual general surveys, a complete list of the Treaties of Peace, and data concerning the League of Nations, The maps show the New Baltic States and the Slesvig addition to Denmark.

Once more we have to express our thanks to Mr. A. D. Webb for his revision of the sections of the British Empire, to General Sir Frederick Maurice for his revision of the Army sections, to Mr. John Leyland for his revision of the Navy sections, and to numerous friends all over the world for valuable co-operation greatly appreciated.

J. S. K.

M. E.
Statesman's Year-Book Office,

Macmillan & Co., Ltd.,
St. Martin's Street,

London, W.C.2.

May 25, 1921.