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Edition: Easton, Matthew George. Illustrated Bible Dictionary and Treasury of Biblical History, Biography, Geography, Doctrine, and Literature with Numerous Illustrations and Important Chronological Tables and Maps, 3rd ed. Thomas Nelson & Sons (London), 1897.
Source: Christ Notes, Christian Classics, Bible Gateway
1st edition (1893) at the Internet Archive
Level of progress:
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  • Table of contents complete; the few entries that were incorrectly formatted have now been corrected.


  • Content of all pending pages Find-Replaced with needed links, and spacing. was formated.
  • Headings of all pending pages created with links.
  • Only inter-cutting headings and dividing of pages is needed.



  • Entries not Standardised.
  • 49% of entries complete.
  • No entries in X
A 381/381 (100%)
B 295/295 (100%)
C 278/278 (100%)
D 146/146 (100%)
E 43/197 (21.83%)
F 11/103 (10.68%)
G 23/161 (14.29%)
H 45/294 (15.31%)
I 14/65 (21.54%)
J 64/229 (27.95%)
K 7/77 (9.09%)
L 24/116 (20.69%)
M 49/293 (16.72%)
N 78/122 (63.93%)
O 9/63 (14.29%)
P 40/209 (19.14%)
Q 0/10 (0%)
R 128/128 (100%)
S 143/383 (37.34%)
T 36/188 (19.15%)
U 3/23 (13.04%)
V 3/17 (17.65%)
W 9/63 (14.29%)
Y 5/5 (100%)
Z 118/118 (100%)
Total 1952 / 3964 (49.24%)


Images were included in the dictionary (as indicated by its original name, Illustrated Bible Dictionary), but are currently missing from the Wikisource version. Images will be included as and when they become available.

Introductory textEdit

The provenance of the Wikisource version of the dictionary, as well as other online versions of the text, lack any introductory material such as a title page or prologue. Instead, they contain only the dictionary entries. It is unknown whether any such additional text was present in the original version of the dictionary; however, if it existed, such text is currently not included in the Wikisource version.

Question about editingEdit

I have been working on Easton’s Bible Dictionary. I have a question about format. Several of the articles have a variety of sections, referring to different people or places with the same name. For example: Saul

I have put subheadings into some of these, such as Altar. I did this so that the link in another article will go to the correct kind of Altar.

Is this an appropriate revision of the original text or not?

--MathMan64 (talk) 05:39, 13 September 2009 (UTC)

Source imagesEdit

None of the sources above seem to have page images. I found something at ( ), but these are for 1893, which I assume is the first edition. Library Guy (talk) 20:46, 27 July 2015 (UTC)

@Library Guy: I've added Index:Illustrated Bible Dictionary (1893).djvu from Easton's Bible Dictionary (1897) is from Two versions. I've listed them separately at Author:Matthew George Easton. Outlier59 (talk) 16:18, 16 June 2016 (UTC)
Thank you. It is good to have something with source images. It would have been nice to get the 1897 edition. This 1897 Wikisource edition is labeled as incomplete. I guess it has all the CCEL material, but some illustrations are missing, as with the CCEL site. Library Guy (talk) 17:05, 16 June 2016 (UTC)
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