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Information about this edition
Edition: Lapsus Calami (1891, 1st edition) and Lapsus Calami (1891, 4th edition)
Source: 1st edition at Internet Archive; 4th edition at Google Books
Contributor(s): S0208
Level of progress: Text being edited
Notes: See below



This collection of poems went through a number of changes. Briefly:

First edition (April 1891): a collection of previously-published poems and song lyrics groupled into six sections: untitled; "Combi Songs"; "Circuit Songs"; "Election Songs"; "Sincere Flattery"; and "Things One Would Rather Have Expressed Differently, Errors of Judgment and Impromptus".

Second edition (May 1891): identical to the first edition except for a few small corrections.

Third edition (June 1891): Thoroughly revised; some pieces were dropped and others were added. In addition to individual poems elsewhere the entire sections "Combi Songs", "Circuit Songs", and "Election Songs" were dropped. The new poems were added in sections titled "De Lapsibus Priorbus", "The Retort Courteous", and "Rescued from the Waste Paper Basket", all under the division "Novi Lapsus".

Fourth edition (August 1891): Identical to the third edition, except for a new introduction and the omission of information about the original publication of the individual poems.

Fifth edition (March 1892): Identical to the fourth.

In addition the author's brother issued a posthumous collection (June 1896) entitled Lapsus Calami and Other Verses, consisting of reprints of Lapsus Calami and Quo Musa Tendis?, Stephen's other volume of verse. Some (but not all) of the verses omitted from the third edition were restored, and two additional poems added that the editor thought his brother would have included if he had had copies available to him.

The objective here is to provide a complete edition including all poems in the state that the author intended. Ideally all appearances from first publication onward would be compared to ascertain possible authorial corrections. Only the first, fourth, and fifth editions are available online, however, along with reprints of the posthumous collection. For the moment therefore the text for the first edition is being used for all poems that appeared in it; for those added to the third the fourth edition is being used. unsigned comment by S0208 (talk) .

Creating a new composite edition is beyond the scope of this site, but we can definitely host copies of each version individually. —Beleg Tâl (talk) 17:16, 7 October 2019 (UTC)Reply